Diabetes Freedom Review

Diabetes practically can be called as epidemic since it is growing so fast and becomes an enormous problem in the United States. According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report, the amount of US adults who have diabetes, in only 20 short years,  grew up to 45%. In 2012, it reaches 29.1 million people. As we all know, diabetes can affect other diseases that go along with it in higher risk like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, vision loss, etc. So because of this health problem, more Americans than try to search actively for solution to treat and prevent this horrible disease. 

When you start to look around, you’ll begin to notice that there is a large amount of products, books and programs, all promising help you rid yourself of diabetes. This sounds like a good thing on the surface, but once you realize most of those products are full of fluff and empty promises, many times even downright lies, you’ll realize just how difficult it can be to actually locate something that gives real results.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help make it easier for you to weed out the duds by giving you our unbiased opinion about what really works and what to avoid. Today we’re taking a look at a program that’s been steadily growing in popularity, join us as we take you through our Diabetes Freedom Review.

What Exactly is Diabetes Freedom?

On the surface in may look as though Diabetes Freedom is just a simple book but what lies inside is a complete A-Z program specifically designed to help you reduce, and eventually even eliminate, your type 2 diabetes. It intends to do this by providing you with information on certain lifestyle changes required to get your body working in such a way that it fights against the disease. The changes it focuses on are mostly diet and exercise related, along with explanations of exactly why these changes are required.

The program was developed by George Reilly, who actually used to suffer from type 2 diabetes and was very close to having to get both of his legs amputated. When he decided that just wasn’t an option, he began researching heavily, looking for anything that might save his legs. He practiced his findings religiously until he successfully reversed his type 2 diabetes in only a matter of weeks. He was so overwhelmed with joy that he decided to write everything down step by step in an easy to follow program called Diabetes Freedom.

How Does Diabetes Freedom Help Your Diabetes?


Diabetes is a condition of an imbalance of glucose and insulin from within your body. Basically, your body has too much sugar and isn’t producing enough insulin to keep your glucose levels down to where they should be. Medications can help you live a somewhat normal life, but they only help with the symptoms and not the underlying biological problem that’s causing you to have diabetes in the first place. There’s also no guarantee that your diabetes won’t get worse even if you do take medication.

Most people think that eating too much sugar and carbs is the cause of diabetes type 2. But the scientists from the University of Utah have discovered that a ceramide compound is the real cause of this disease. It forces your fat cells to clog up the vital organs like pancreas, heart or liver by spilling into the bloodstream. When your pancreas is clogged up, it really cannot produce insulin which absorbs sugar and energy from food that you eat. Then, without insulin, your sugar level in the bloodstream will increase because this sugar keeps staying there.

The Diabetes Freedom program aims to lower your blood sugar naturally through changes in your diet by teaching you how to live glucose free, treating it as a toxin that should be avoided at all costs. That’s not all though, it also promises to kick-start your pancreas into producing more insulin. Diabetes Freedom will help you to flush out the ceramide compound as the root cause and stop it from entering the bloodstream by providing the complete guide for you. This way, your pancreas will not be clogged up and you can reverse the diabetes type 2.


What will You Get from Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom consists of 3 steps to break free from Diabetes Type 2

Diet Plan

2 month nutrition plan will reverse Type 2 Diabetes in less than 8 weeks

Effective Exercise

7 brown fat boosting will make sure your Type 2 Diabetes with metabolic rules for diabetics

Routine Planning

meal-timing tricks to keep your weight and blood sugar under control

The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan – Step 1

You’ll be following the temporary meal plan for at least a few weeks and this is the step specifically designed to give your pancreas that kick-start we talked about earlier. It might be difficult to change your eating habits so drastically in such a short period of time but it’s important you stick to it. Even more importantly, don’t cheat. You’ll only be hurting yourself.

This step, you will get:

  • Beat cravings method and how to keep on the track
  • Liver detoxification for better digestion, increasing energy, enhanced memory and clearer skin
  • The 5 detox teas to beat cravings, melt fat cells, and lower blood sugar
  • The 7 key fat loss shortcuts
  • The tastiest desserts that will not increase your blood sugar.

The Metabolism Boosting Blueprint – Step 2

Keeping a high metabolism will help keep your diabetes from returning once it starts to fade away. This step includes a specially designed 30-second workout to help get your metabolism going full speed, and also information regarding 3 types of berries that are great for boosting your metabolism as well.

It provides several proven 2-minute routines for burning white fat easily from home and 3 blood sugar lowering drinks. Metabolism boosting methods also will lowering blood sugar, clear your arteries, and melting fat.

Meal-Timing Strategies – Step 3

What you eat is not the only thing you have to worry about when working toward reversing your type 2 diabetes, when you eat it is actually just as important. Your blood sugar production goes through high and lows throughout the day so meal timing is essential.

This step, you will get:

  • The 60 second breakfast trick
  • Recommended tasty and healthy snack recipes
  • Guide how to eat carbs and desserts
  • The timing strategies to get deeper sleep, melt your fat from back, belly, thighs and buns, also get enhanced energy levels

Does Diabetes Freedom Really Work?

It can be a little difficult to find a conclusive answer to this question since it’s an information based product with no regulation from governments or medical associations, therefore no published statistics. The other large factor is whether people really follow the whole program through to the end.


With that said, there are tons of testimonials out there and glowing reviews from very satisfied customers who have successfully reversed their type 2 diabetes and eliminated their dependence on medication and insulin injections for good. The Diabetes Freedom program is very well presented and the information inside is based on scientific fact. There are many golden nuggets to be found throughout the entire system. This program really laser targets what you need to live a healthy lifestyle, so much so that it could really be beneficial to everyone, even those without diabetes. For the ones who do suffer, we truly believe this is your best chance say goodbye to this devastating disease once and for all.



Information is well presented


Based on real scientific facts and studies


Not overly challenging to complete, especially considering what’s on the line


Tasty Recipes and more bonuses


60 days money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied (no questions asked)



It’s a digital download so it feels like you’re not getting much (in reality you’re actually getting a ton of information)

What we love about Diabetes Freedom is the fact that it cuts out all the fluff often found in many of the other books and programs. It gets straight to the point and immediately gets you on your way to reversing and eliminating your type 2 diabetes. If there’s even a small chance your life could be dramatically changed for the better, why not take it? Plus, it even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so what have you got to lose? Highly recommended!

How to Get Diabetes Freedom?

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