Once you have  diabetes type 2, everything you consume will help you regulate your sugar levels, help prevent your appetite, and stay fuller for longer.

“Higher sugar level will cause diabetes. It’s carb foods such as cereals, breads, pasta, rice, fruit, dessert and milk that can trigger this increase,” says the president of health care and education at  American Diabetes Association Maggie Powers, PhD. 

Your healthy eating should concentrate mostly on type and amount of carbohydrates you placed on the plate during the day, Powers advises.

And it’s also essential to always have food that you really like. You would like to consume enough just to feel satisfied to stop overeating and bad choices. Here are seven food items that Powers suggests will help maintain blood sugar levels in control and make you happier and safe to boot.

 1. Raw, roasted, and cooked vegetables food

They add color, texture and flavor to a meal. Pick delicious low-carb vegetables, such as onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplant, Brussels sprouts and low-carb vegetables, such as zucchini.

Try dips like low-fat sauces, guacamole, hummus and salsa, or toast with various seasonings like cayenne pepper, rosemary or garlic.

2. Greens food 

Go further than your usual salad and consider the spinach, ,kale and chard. It’s good, tasty, and low-carbon, Powers explains.

Roast the kale ends in the microwave with olive oil for fast, crunchy fries. You also can combine the greens with roasted vegetables to give a various texture and flavour, or mix them with just a little protein food such as salmon.

3. Flavory, low-calorie beverages.

Pure water has always been fine, but perhaps more exciting is the infused water with vegetables and fruit. Slice the cucumber or lemonand place it in the water, or make the ice cubes with any flavour.

If you are not a hot tea addict, try a cold lemon tea

Infused water which is a low-card drink will help you full. You will not want any other food either.

4. The melon or the berries

Did you realise that One cup of mellon and berries has just 15 g of carbohydrates?

They are nutritious and filled with fiber, nutrients, and a little sweet event they are a little bit costly.

Combine berries and melon with natural yoghurt for a new twist, or place it in ice cubes.

5. Whole-grain, high-fiber food

Load them up to prevent them from overeating or selecting the unhealthy stuff.

Try nuts such as dried beans, peas and lentils, and you can try a corn salsa and black bean with your fresh vegetables. They have carbohydrates and fascinating tastes.

6. The Little Fat Food

Good fat options like avocado, olive oil and fatty fish—think salmon consumed on a plate of lettuce, for instance.

7. Protein Food

Powers advises cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs and lean meat. And also don’t miss the treats.

“butter of peanut on a stick of celery  is a decent combination of protein and fat for a balanced, delicious snack,” she states.

You may even snack on a low-fat beef stick or a cheese stick —but keep a watch on how much sodium is there, she says.

Overall, the don’t be boring” eating strategy, Powers said. “It should contain foods that you enjoy with a carbohydrate balance.”